1.GOD from on high hath heard;

Let sighs and sorrows cease;

The skies unfold, and lol

Descends the gift of peace.

2.Hark I on the midnight air

Celestial voices swell; 

The hosts of heaven proclaim 

God comes on earth to dwell.

3.Haste with the shepherds; 

see The mystery of grace : 

A manger-bed, a Child, 

Is all the eye can trace.

4.Is this the Eternal Son,

Who on the starry throne 

Before the worlds  begun 

Was with the Father One?

5.Yes, faith can pierce the cloud

Which shrouds His glory now, 

And hail Him God and Lord, 

To whom all creatures bow.

6.Faith sees the sapphire throne,

Where angels evermore 

Adoring tremble still, 

And trembling still adore.


7.O Child! Thy silence speaks,

And bids us not refuse 

To bear what flesh would shun, 

To spurn what flesh would choose.

8.Fill us with holy love,

Heal Thou our earthly pride; 

Born in each lowly heart, 

For ever there abide.     



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