1.JESUS, who lived above the sky,     

Came down to be a man and die; 

And in the Bible we may see 

How very good He used to be.

2.He went about—He was so kind— 

To cure poor people who were blind; 

And many who were sick and lame, 

He pitted them and did the same.

3.And more than that. He told them, too, 

The things that God would have them do; 

And was so gentle and so mild, 

He would have listened to a child.

4.But such a cruel death He died 

He was hung up and crucified;

And those kind hands that did such good, 

They nailed them to a cross of wood.

5.And so He died—and this Is why

He came to be a man and die;

The Bible says He came from heaven,

That we might have our sins forgiven.


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