1.LORD God, by whom all change Is wrought,
By whom new things to birth are brought,
In whom no change is known;
Whate'er Thou dost, whate'er Thou
art, Thy people still in Thee have part,
Still, still Thou art our own.

2.Ancient of Days, we dwell in Thee;
Out of Thine own eternity
Our peace and Joy are wrought;
We rest in our eternal God,
And make secure and sweet abode
With Thee, who changest not.

3.Spirit who makest all things new,
Thou leadest onward; we pursue
The heavenly march sublime.
Neath Thy renewing fire we glow,
And still from strength to strength we go,
From height to height we climb.

4.Darknessand dread we leave behind;
New light, new glory still we find,
New realms divine possess;
New births of grace, new raptures bring;
Triumphant, the new song we sing,
The great Renewer bless.

5.To Thee we rise, in Thee we rest;
We stay at home, we go in quest,
Still Thou art our abode.
The rapture swells,the wonder grows,
As full on us new life still flows
From our unchanging God.


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