1.THEE will I praise with all my heart,
And tell man kind how good Thou art,
How marvellous  Thy  works  of grace;
Thy name I will In songs record,
And joy and glory in my Lord,
Extolled  above  all  thanks  and praise.

2.The Lord will save His people here;
In times of need their help Is near
To all by sin and hell oppressed;
And they that know Thy name will
trust In Thee, who, to Thy promise Just,
Hast never left a soul distressed.

3.The Lord  is  by His  Judgements known;
He helps His poor afflicted one,
His sorrows all He bears in mind;
The mourner shall not always weep,
Who sows in tears in Joy shall reap,
With grief who seeks with joy shall find.

4.A helpless soul that looks to Thee
Is sure at last Thy face to see,
And all Thy goodness to partake;
The sinner who for Thee doth grieve,
And longs, and labours to believe,
Thou never, never wilt forsake.


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