AH whither should I go and to whom should my troubles show

1.AH! whither should I go,
Burdened, and sick, and faint?
To  whom  should  I my  troubles show,
And pour out my complaint?

2.My Saviour bids me come;
Ah! why do I delay?
He calls the weary sinner home,
And yet from Him I stay.

3.What Is It keeps me back,
From which I cannot part,
Which will not let my Saviour take
Possession of my heart?

4.Some cursed thing unknown
Must surely lurk within,
Some Idol, which I will not own,
Some secret bosom-sin.

5.Jesus, the hindrance show,
Which I have feared to see;
Yet let me now consent to know
What keeps me out of Thee.

6.Searcher of hearts, In mine
Thy trying power display;
Into its darkest corners shine,
And take the veil away.

7.I now believe in Thee
Compassion reigns alone;
According to my faith to me
O let it, Lord, be done!


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