As pants the hart for cooling streams when heated in the chase so long my soul for thee

MHB 455
I.AS pants the hart for cooling streams,
When heated in the chase,
So longs my soul, O God, for Thee,
And Thy refreshing grace.

2. For Thee, my God, the living God,
My thirsty soul doth pine;
O when shall I behold Thy face,
Thou Majesty divine

3.God  of  my   strength,  how  long shall I,
Like one forgotten, mourn?
Forlorn, forsaken, and exposed
To my oppressor's scorn.

4. Why restless, why cast down, my soul?
Hope still, and thou shalt sing
The praise of Him who Is thy God,
Thy health's eternal  spring.

MHB 453
1.MY Saviour, hear me,
Draw me close to Thee;
Thou hast paid my ransorn,
Thou hast died for me :
Now by simple faith I claim
Pardon through Thy gracious name;
Thou my Ark of safety,
Let me fly to Thee.

2.O my Saviour, bless me,
Bless me, while I pray;
Grant Thy grace to help me,
Take my fear away :
I believe Thy promise.
Lord, I will trust Thy holy Word;
Thou my soul's Redeemer,
Bless me while I pray.

3.O my Saviour, love me,
Make me all Thine own;
Leave me not to wander
In this world alone:
Bless my way with light divine,
Let Thy glory round me shine;
Thou my Rock, my Refuge,
Make me all Thine own.

4.O my Saviour, guard me,
Keep me evermore;
Bless me,love me, guide me,
Till  my work is o'er:
May I then with glad surprise
Chant Thy praise beyond the skies;
There with Thee, my Saviour,
Dwell for evermore.


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