Day after day I sought the Lord and patiently waited for Him

1.DAY after day I sought the Lord,
And waited patiently;
Until   He   bent   down   from  
His throne, And hearkened to my cry.

2.He drew me from the fearful pit,
And from the miry clay;
He placed my feet upon a rods:
And led me in His way.

3.He  taught my  soul  a  new-made song,
A song of holy praise;
All they who see these things, with
fear Their hopes to God shall raise.

4.Most blessed is the man whose hope
Upon the Lord relies;
Who follows  not  the  proud,
nor those That turn aside to lies.

5. 0 Lord, what wonders hast
Thou wrought, All number far above :
Thy thoughts to us-ward overflow
With mercy, grace, and love.


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