Drawn to the Cross which thou hast blessed

1.DRAWN to the Cross which Thou hast blessed
With  healing  gifts  for  souls  distressed,
To find in Thee my life, my rest:
Christ crucified, I come

2.Stained with the sins which I have
wrought In word and deed and secret
thought, For pardon which Thy blood hath bought:
Christ crucified, I come

3.Weary of selfishness and pride,
False pleasures  gone, vain hopes
denied, Deep in Thy wounds my shame to hide :
Christ crucified, I come

4.Thou  knowest all my griefs and fears,
Thy  grace   abused,   my  misspent years;
Yet  now  to  Thee,  for  cleansing tears :
Christ crucified, I come

5.1 would not,If I could, conceal
The ills which only Thou canst heal,
SO to the Cross, where sinners kneel:
Christ crucified, I come!

6. Wash me, and take away each stain,
Let nothing of my sin remain;
For cleansing, though It be through pain :
Christ crucified, I come I

7. To be what Thou wouldst have me be,
Accepted, sanctified in Thee,
Through what Thy grace shall work In me :
Christ crucified, I come


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