God is gone up on high with a triumphant noise

1. GOD is gone up on high,
With a triumphant noise;
The clarions of the sky
Proclaim the angelic joys!
Join all on earth, rejoice and sing;
Glory ascribe to glory's King.

2.God in the flesh below,
For us He reigns above:
Let all the nations know
Our Jesu's conquering love!

3.All power to our great Lord
Is by the Father given;
By angel hosts adored,
He reigns supreme in heaven :

4.High on His holy seat
He bears the righteous sway;
His foes beneath His feet
Shall sink and die away:

5. His foes and ours are one,
Satan, the world, and sin;
But He shall tread them down,
And bring His kingdom in :

6.Till all the earth, renewed
In righteousness divine,
With all the hosts of God
In one great chorus join.


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