I give my heart to thee o Jesus most desired

I.I GIVE my heart to Thee,
O Jesus most desired
And heart for heart the gift shall be,
For Thou my soul hast fired :
Thou   hearts   alone   wouldst move,
Thou only hearts dost love;
I would love Thee, as Thou lov'st me,
O Jesus most desired!

2. What offering can I make,
Dear Lord, to love like Thine?
That Thou, the Word, didst stoop to take
A human form like mine!
Give Me thy heart, My son :
Lord, Thou my heart hast won :

3.Here finds my heart its rest,
Repose that knows no shock,
The strength of love that keeps
It blest In Thee, the riven Bock:
My soul, as girt around,
Her citadel hath found :


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