Jesus the conqueror reigns in glorious strength arrayed

1.JESUS, the Conqueror, reigns,
In glorious strength arrayed,
His kingdom over all maintains,
And bids the earth be glad.
Ye sons of men, rejoice
In Jesu's mighty love;
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice,
To Him who rules above.

2.Extol His kingly power,
Kiss the exalted Son,
Who died;and lives, to die no more,
High on His Father's throne;
Our Advocate with God,
He undertakes our cause,
And spreads through all the earth abroad
The victory of His Cross.

3.Courage! your Captain cries,
Who all your toll foreknew :
Toil ye shall have; yet all despise,
I have o'ercome for you.
This is the victory!
Before our faith they fall;
Jesus hath died for you and me;
Believe, and conquer all!


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