MHB hymns and songs, from 471-480

MHB 471
1. O GOD,my God,my all Thou art:
Ere  shines the  dawn  of  rising day,
Thy sovereign light within my heart,
Thy all-enlivening power display.

2.For  Thee  my  thirsty soul doth pant,
While in this desert land I live;
And hungry as I am, and faint,
Thy love alone can comfort give.

3.In a dry land, behold, I place
My whole desire on Thee,O Lord;
And more I Joy to gain Thy grace,
Than  all  earth's treasures  can afford.

4. More dear than  life itself,
Thy love My heart and tongue shall still employ;
And to declare Thy praise will prove
My peace, my glory, and my Joy.

5. In blessing Thee,with grateful songs
My happy life shall glide away;
The praise that to Thy name belongs
Hourly with lifted hands I'll pay.

6.Thy name, O God, upon my bed
Dwells on my lips, and fires my thought;
With trembling awe, in midnight shade,
I muse on all Thy hands have wrought.

7.In all I do I feel Thine aid;
Therefore  Thy greatness will I sing,
O God, who bidd'st my heart be
glad Beneath the shadow of Thy wing.

8.My soul draws nigh and cleaves to Thee :
Then let or earth or hell assail,
Thy mighty hand shall set me free;
For whom Thou sav'st, he ne'er shall fail.

MHB 472

1.COME In,O come! The  door stands  open  now; 
I knew Thy voice;  Lord Jesus,it was Thou. 
The sun has set long since;the storms begin: 
"Tis time for Thee, my Saviour;O come in 
2.1 seek no more to alter things, or mend,
Before the coming of so great a> Friend;
All were at best unseemly; and 'twere ill,
Beyond all else, to keep Thee wait¬ing still.

3.Then, as Thou art, all holiness and bliss, 
Come in, and see my chamber as it is; 
I bid Thee welcome boldly, in the
name Of Thy great glory and my want and shame.

4.Come, not to find, but make,this troubled heart 
A dwelling worthy of Thee as Thou art; 
To  chase the gloom, the terror, and the sin, 
Come, all Thyself, yea come, Lord Jesus, in 

MHB 473
1.MY heart is resting, O my God,
I will give thanks and sing: 
My heart is at the secret source
Of every precious thing. 
Now  the  frail vessel Thou hast made 
No hand but Thine shall fill; 
For the waters of the earth have failed, 
And I am thirsty still.

2.1 thirst for springs of heavenly life, 
And here all day they rise; 
I seek the treasure of Thy love,
And close at hand it lies; 
And a new song is in my mouth,
To long-loved music set
Glory to Thee for all the grace 
I have not tasted yet;
3.Glory to Thee for strength withheld, 
For want and weakness known, 
And the fear that sends me to Thy breast 
For what is most my own. 
I have a heritage of Joy,
That yet I must not see; 
But the hand that bled to make 
It  mine Is keeping it for me.

4.My heart is resting, O my God,
My heart Is In Thy care; 
I hear the voice of joy and health
Resounding  everywhere. 
Thou art  my portion salth  my soul, 
Ten thousand voices say, 
And the music of their glad 
Amen Will never  die  away.

MHB 474
1.STILL,still with Thee, when 
purple morning breaketh, 
When the bird waketh,and the shadows flee; 
Fairer than morning, lovelier than daylight, 
Dawns the sweet consciousness, I am with Thee.

2.Alone with Thee, amid 
the mystic shadows, 
The Seolemn hush of nature newly born; 
Alone with Thee In breathless adoration, 
In the calm dew and freshness of the mora.

3. As In the dawning, o'er 
the wave-less ocean, 
The Image of the morning star doth rest; 
So In this stillness, Thou beholdest only 
Thine  Image  ha the  waters of my breast.

4.Still, still with Thee! 
As to each newborn morning 
A fresh  and solemn splendour still is given; 
So does this blessed consciousness, awaking, 
Breathe each day nearness unto Thee and heaven.

5.When sinks the soul, 
subdued by toll to slumber, 
Its closing eye looks up to Thee In prayer; 
Sweet the repose beneath Thy wings o'ershading, 
But sweeter still, to wake and find Thee there.

6.So shall It be at last.   
In  that bright  morning, 
When the soul waketh, and life's shadows flee; 
O In that hour, fairer than day¬light dawning, 
Shall rise the  glorious thought I am with Thee!
MHB 475
1.NEED Thee every hour,
Most gracious Lord;
No tender voice  like Thine 
Can peace afford.
I need Thee, 
O I need Thee, 
Every hour I need Thee;
O bless me now, my Saviour; 
I come to Thee.
2.1 need Thee every hour; 
Stay Thou near by : 
Temptations lose their power 
When Thou art nigh.

3.1 need Thee every hour, 
In joy or pain; 
Come quickly and abide, 
Or life is vain.

4.1 need Thee every hour; 
Teach me Thy will, 
And Thy rich promises 
In me fulfill.
MHB 476
1.FROM trials unexempted
Thy dearest children are;
But let us not be tempted
Above what we can bear; 
Exposed to no temptation
That may  our souls o'erpower, 
Be Thou our strong salvation
Through every fiery hour.

2.Ah! leave us not to venture
Within the verge of sin; 
Or if the snare we enter,
Thy timely help bring in; 
And If Thy wisdom try us,
Till pain and woe are past, 
Almighty  Love,  stand by  us,
And  save  from first to  last.

3.Fain would we cease from sinning
In thought, and word, and deed; 
From sin in its beginning
We languish to be freed; 
From every base desire,
Our fallen nature's shame, 
Jesus, we dare require
Deliverance in Thy name.

4.For every sinful action
Thou hast atonement made, 
The perfect  satisfaction 
Thy precious blood has paid :
But take entire possession;
To make an end of sin, 
To finish the transgression, 
Most  holy God, come  In 
MHB 477
1.SON of God, if Thy free grace
Again hath raised me up,
Called me still to seek Thy face,
And given me back my hope; 
Still Thy timely help afford, 
And all Thy loving-kindness show : 
Keep me, keep me, gracious Lord, 
And never let me go!

2.By me, O my Saviour, stand
In sore temptation's hour; 
Save me with Thine outstretched hand, 
And show forth all Thy power; 
O be mindful of Thy  word, 
Thy all-sufficient grace bestow : 
Keep me,keep me, gracious Lord, 
And never let me go 

3.Give me, Lord, a holy fear,
And  fix  It  in  my  heart, 
That I may from evil near 
With timely care depart; 
Sin be more than hell abhorred; 
Till Thou destroy the tyrant foe, 
Keep me, keep me,gracious 
Lord, And never let me go!

4.Never let me leave Thy breast, 
From Thee, my Saviour, stray; 
Thou art my Support and Rest,
My true and living Way; 
My exceeding great Reward, 
In heaven above and earth below : 
Keep me,keep me,gracious Lord, 
And never let me go!
MHB 478
1.JESUS,my Saviour,Brother,Friend,
On whom I cast my every care, 
On whom for all things I depend, 
Inspire, and  then accept,my prayer.

2.If I have tasted of Thy grace,
The  grace  that  sure  salvation brings; 
If with me now Thy Spirit stays, 
And hovering hides me in His wings:

3. Still let Blm with my weakness stay, 
Nor for a moment's space depart, 
Evil and danger turn away,
And Keep till He renews my heart.

4.When to the right or left I stray,
His voice behind me may I hear : 
Return,  and  walk In  Christ  thy way; 
Fly back to Christ, for  sin  Is near.

5.His sacred unction from above
Be still my Comforter and Guide; 
Till all the hardness He remove, 
And In my loving heart reside.

6.Jesus, I fain would walk in Thee,
From nature's every path retreat; 
Thou art my Way, my Leader be, 
And set upon the rock my feet.

7.Uphold me, Saviour, or I fall,
O  reach  me out  Thy gracious hand! 
Only on Thee for help I call, 
Only by faith in Thee I stand. 
MHB 479

1.FAINTING soul, be bold, be strong,
Walt the leisure of thy Lord; 
Though it seem to tarry long,
True and faithful Is His word: 
On His word my soul I cast—
He cannot Himself deny; 
Surely It shall speak at last;
It shall speak, and shall not lie

2.Every one that seeks shall find,
Every one that asks shall have Christ, 
the Saviour of mankind,
Willing, able, all to save; 
I shall His salvation see,
I In faith on Jesus call, 
I from sin shall be set free,
Perfectly set free from all.

3.Lord, my time Is in Thine hand,
Weak and helpless as I am, 
Surely Thou canst make me stand;
I believe in Jesu's name : 
Saviour In temptation Thou;
Thou hast saved me heretofore, 
Thou from sin dost save me now,
Thou shalt save me evermore.

MHB 480

1.AH! Lord, with trembling I confess,
A gracious soul may fall from grace; 
The  salt  may  lose  Its  seasoning
power, And never, never find It more.

2.Lest that my fearful case should
be, Each   moment  knit   my  soul  to Thee; 
And lead me to the mount above, 
Through the low vale of humble love.


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