MHB464-470: Still with thee, o my God

MHB 470

1.STILL with Thee, O my God,
I would desire to be;
By day, by night, at home, abroad,
I would be still with Thee.

2.With Thee, when dawn comes in,
And calls me back to care;
Each day returning, to begin
With Thee, my God, in prayer.

3.With Thee, amid the crowd
That throngs the busy mart;
To hear Thy voice 'mid clamour loud,
Speak softly to my heart.

4.With Thee, when day is done,
And evening calms the mind;
The setting, as the rising sun,
With Thee my heart would find.

5.With Thee,when darkness
brings The signal of repose;
Calm In the shadow of Thy wings,
Mine eyelids I would close.

6.With Thee, in Thee, by faith
Abiding I would be;
By day, by night, in life, in death,
I would be still with Thee.

MHB 469
1.THAT  mystic  Word  of Thine. O sovereign  Lord,
Is all too pure,too high, too deep for me;
Weary of striving, and with longing faint,
I breathe it back again in prayer to Thee.

2.Abide in me, I pray, and I in Thee;
From this good hour,O leave me nevermore
Then shall the discord cease, the wound be healed,
The life-long bleeding of the soul be o'er.

3. Abide In me; o'ershadow by Thy love
Each half-formed purpose and dark thought of sin;
Quench, ere It rise, each selfish, low desire;
And keep my soul as Thine, calm and  divine.

4. As some rare perfume In a vase of clay
Pervades It with a fragrance not Its own,
so, when Thou dwellest In a mortal soul,
All heaven's own sweetness seems around it thrown.

5. Abide  in  me : there  have  been moments blest
When  I have heard  Thy  voice and felt Thy power :
Then   evil   lost   its   grasp,   and passion, hushed,
Owned the Divine enchantment of the hour.

6. These were but seasons beautiful and  rare;
Abide in me, and they shall ever be;
Fulfil at once Thy precept and my prayer :
Come  and  abide in me, and I in Thee.  

MHB 468
1.NEARER, my God, to Thee,
Nearer  to Thee
E'en though It be a cross
That ralseth me,
Still all my song shall be,
Nearer,  my  God,  to Thee,
Nearer to Thee

2.Though,like the  wanderer,
The sun gone down,
Darkness be  over  me,
My rest a stone,
Yet in my dreams I'd be
Nearer,  my  God, to Thee,
Nearer to Thee

3.There let the way appear
Steps unto heaven;
All  that Thou send'st  to me
In mercy given;
Angels to beckon me
Nearer,  my  God,  to Thee,
Nearer to Thee

4.Then, with my waking thoughts
Bright with Thy praise,
Out of my stony griefs
Bethel I'll raise;
So by my woes to be
Nearer,  my  God,  to Thee,
Nearer to Thee!

5.Or if on joyful wing
Cleaving the sky,
Sun, moon, and stars forgot,
Upwards I  fly,
Still all my song shall be,
Nearer,my God,to Thee,
Nearer to Thee

MHB 467
1. MY spirit longs for Thee
within  my   troubled   breast,
Unworthy though I be
Of so divine a guest.

2. Of so divine a guest
Unworthy though I be,
Yet has my heart no rest
Unless it come from Thee.

3. Unless It come from Thee,
In  vain  I  look  around;
In all that I can see
No rest is to be found.

4. No rest is to be found
But in Thy blessed love;
O let my wish be crowned,
And send  it  from above!

MHB 465
1.OPEN, Lord, my Inward ear,
And bid my heart rejoice;
Bid my quiet spirit hear
Thy comfortable  voice;
Never in the whirlwind found,
Or where earthquakes rock the place,
Still and silent is the sound,
The whisper of Thy grace.

2.From the world of sin. and noise,
And hurry I withdraw;
For the small and inward voice
I wait with humble awe;
Silent am I now and still,
Dare not in Thy presence move;
To  my  waiting  soul  reveal
The secret of Thy love.

3.Thou didst undertake for me,
For me to death wast sold;
Wisdom in a mystery
Of bleeding love unfold;
Teach the lesson of Thy Cross,
Let me die with Thee to reign;
All things let me count but loss,
So I may Thee regain.

4.Show me, as my soul can bear,
The depth of inbred sin;
All  the  unbelief  declare,
The pride that lurks within;
Take me, whom Thyself hast bought,
Bring into captivity
Every high aspiring thought
That would not stoop to Thee.

5.Lord, my time is la Thy hand,
My soul to Thee convert;
Thou canst make me understand,
Though I  am  slow  of  heart;
Thine in whom I live and move,
Thine the work,the praise is Thine;
Thou art wisdom, power, and love,
And all Thou art is mine.

MHB 466
1.MY soul, there Is a country
Afar beyond the stars,
Where stands a winged sentry
All skilful in the wars.

2.There, above noise, and danger,
Sweet peace sits,crowned with smiles,
And One born in a manger
Commands  the  beauteous files.

3. He Is thy gracious friend,
And—O my soul, awake
Did in pure love descend,
To die here for thy sake.

4. If thou canst Bet but thither.
There grows the flower of peace,
The  rose  that  cannot  wither,
Thy fortress, and thy ease.

5. Leave then thy foolish ranges;
For none can thee secure.
But One, who never changes,
Thy God. thy Life, thy Cure.

MHB 464

1.JESUS, the all-restoring Word,
My  fallen spirit's hope,
After Thy  lovely  likeness. Lord,
Ah, when shall I wake up?

2.Thou, O my God, Thou only art
The Life, the Truth, the Way;
Quicken  my soul,instruct my heart,
My sinking footsteps stay.

3. Of all Thou hast in earth below,
In heaven above, to give,
Give me Thy love alone to know,
In Thee to walk and live.

4. Fill me with all the life of love;
In mystic  union  Join
Me to Thyself, and let me prove
The fellowship  divine.

5. Open the intercourse between
My longing soul and Thee,
Never to be broke off again
To all eternity.  


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