Omnipotent redeemer our ransomed souls adore thee

1.OMNIPOTENT  Redeemer,
Our ransomed souls adore Thee;
Whate'er is done
Thy work we own,
And give Thee all the glory;
With thankfulness  acknowledge
Our time of visitation;
Thine hand confess,
And  gladly  bless
The God of our salvation.

2.Thou hast employed Thy servants,
And  blessed their weak en¬deavours,
And lo,in Thee
We myriads see
Of justified believers;
The church of pardoned sinner
Exulting in their Saviour,
Sing all day long
The  gospel song,
And triumph in Thy favour.

3.Thy wonders wrought already
Require our ceaseless praises;
But show Thy power,
And myriads more
Endue  with  heavenly graces.
But fill our earth with glory,
And, known by every nation,
God of all grace
Receive the praise
Of all Thy new creation.


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