Rejoice and be glad the redeemer hath come

1.REJOICE    and    be    glad!     the
Redeemer hath come :
Go, look on His cradle, His cross,
and His tomb.
Sound His praises, tell the story
of Him who was slain;
Sound His praises, tell with glad¬ness
He liveth again.

2.Rejoice and be glad! it is sunshine
at last;
The clouds have departed,the
shadows are past.

3.Rejoice and be glad! for the blood
hath been shed;
Redemption is finished, the price
hath been paid.

4.Rejoice   and   be   glad!   now   the
pardon is free;
The just for the unjust hath died
on the tree.

5.Rejoice and be glad! for the Lamb
that was slain,
O'er   death   is   triumphant,   and
liveth again.

6. Rejoice and be glad! for our King
is on high;
He pleadeth for us on His throne
in the sky.

7. Rejoice and be glad! for He cometh
He cometh in glory, the Lamb that
was slain.


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