Thee Jesus, to thee the sinner's friend

1.THEE, Jesus, Thee, the sinner's Friend,
I follow on to apprehend,
Renew the glorious strife;
Divinely confident and bold,
With faith's strong arm on Thee lay hold,
Thee, my eternal life.

2.Prisoner of hope, to Thee I turn,
And, calmly confident, I mourn,
And pray, and weep for Thee;
Tell me Thy love, Thy secret tell,
Thy mystic name in me reveal,
Reveal Thyself in me. '

3.Descend, pass by me, and proclaim,
O Lord of hosts,Thy glorious name
The Lord, the gracious Lord,
Longsuffering, merciful, and kind;
The God who always bears in mind
His everlasting word.

4.Plenteous He Is in truth and grace;
lie wills that all the fallen race
Should turn, repent, and live;
HIs pardoning grace for all is free;
Transgression, sin, iniquity,
He freely doth forgive.

5. Mercy He doth for thousands keep;
He  goes  and  seeks  the  one  lost sheep,
And brings His wanderer home;
And every soul that sheep might be :
Come then, my Lord, and gather me,
My Jesus, quickly come !


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