Thy faithfulness, Lord, each moment we find

1. THY faithfulness,Lord,each moment we find,
So true to Thy word, so loving and kind;
Thy mercy so tender to all the lost race,
The vilest offender may turn and find grace.

2.O let me commend my Saviour to you,
I set to my seal that Jesus Is true :
Ye all may find favour who come at
His call; O come to my Saviour I His grace is for all.

3.To save what was lost, from heaven He came :
Come, sinners, and trust in Jesus's name;
He offers you pardon, He bids you be free :
If sin be your burden, O come unto Me

4. Then let us submit His grace to receive,
Fall down at His feet and gladly believe :
We all are forgiven for Jesus's sake;
Our title to heaven His merits we take.

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