how the watchman cry

MHB 481

1.HARK,how the  watchmen cry!
Attend the trumpet's sound
Stand  to  your  arms, the foe  Is nigh,
The powers of hell surround :
Who bow to Christ's command,
Your arms and hearts prepare
The day of battle Is at hand!
Go forth to glorious war I

2.Go up with Christ your Head,
Your Captain's footsteps see;
Follow your Captain, and be led
To certain victory.
All power to Him is given,
He ever reigns the same;
Salvation, happiness, and heaven
Are all In Jesu's name.

3.Jesu's  tremendous name
Puts all our foes to flight:
Jesus, the meek, the angry Lamb,
A Lion Is In fight.
By all hell's host withstood,
We  all hell's host o'erthrow;
And   conquering   them,   through Jesu's blood,
We  still to conquer go.

4.Our Captain leads us on;
He beckons from the skies,
And reaches out. a starry crown,
And bids us take the prize:
Be faithful unto death, Partake My victory;
And thou shalt wear this glorious wreath,
And thou shalt reign with Me!


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